Jennifer Paley

Solomon and the Deck Chairs, 2009


Born in New Jersey (USA), Jennifer Paley now lives and works in Glasgow. She graduated from the Painting department at Glasgow School of Art in 2008 after transferring from Arcadia University (Pennsylvania, USA) in 2006. Her degree show was awarded The Royal Glasgow Institute Award 2008. In addition to continuing to develop her practice as a painter, Jennifer is also the lead singer of the band 'Paper Planes'.

Artist Statement

I am interested in ideas of nostalgia and forgotten or discarded personal histories. Sourcing much of my material and inspiration from old photographic records, my work often attempt to reinvigorate, elaborate, or even completely re-interpret these remnants of fading memories. My paintings are created through collage and use of mixed media, adapting photocopies of photographs through a process that allows me complete freedom to alter things as I see fit. Each image creates it’s own unique decision making process.