Dougie Laing

Degree Show, 2009 Pallet, 2009


Based in Glasgow and a studio holder at Clydebrae Studios, Govan. Dougie Laing has lived extensively in New York and London before returning to his native Glasgow to study Sculpture at Glasgow School of Art where he graduated in 2009.

Artist’s Statement

I am interested in reassessing cultural objects and materials by stretching the internal logic to reveal new possibilities. My work is an ongoing process of investigation, usually showing evidence of the making whither it be carving, moulding or the results of failed experiments, hopefully showing the destructive as well as creative elements of production. Everything appears at a stage of development, sometimes unfinished. Nothing can be resolved there is always the possibility for something else to happen. Although there is a playfulness, I like to make the viewer slightly ill at ease, inviting and threatening at the same time.