Caroline Gallacher

Single Skin, 2008
slip into my skin and spend the night / young, hot and single G.S.O.H / Annihilated on the flag of Surrender, 2009


Caroline Gallacher lives and works in Glasgow and graduated from the Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art in 2008. She was awarded the Royal Scottish Academy's Sculpture Prize for her work in the 2009 RSA New Contemporaries exhibition.

Artists Statement

My work often appears temporary and un-fixed. This has been significant in all work, suggesting the latent potential for kinetic energy and change. Previous works have used building materials as I regularly observed these materials arranged in different formations on city centre building sites. I viewed them as happenings that proliferate the landscape as found sculptures, public art works created through subconscious interaction; compositional traces of human activity.

Now working from a home studio, the materials used and scale of work have shifted. Gravity, temporality, structure and volume all still form core elements of the work. However, domestic items are now copulative with industrial materials, producing new associations between personal and public. A sexual element has creeped into the work in the form of ripped stretched nylon tights chosen for their elastic quality to hold weights from a grandfather clock. Foam is violently pushed/crammed into a wall by a length of bright bar industrial steel. The materials are active in their relationship with each other; at times the relationship seems violent at others plainly erotic.

Caroline Gallacher